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#55: I audited my own website as if it was a client's. Here's what I found...

Join me, Olga Zarr, SEO consultant, as I put my own website, SEOSLY, under the microscope in this video. It's been three years since I initially launched the site and diligently ensured it was SEO optimized.

Since then, I've been focused on growing my business, creating content, and working with clients. In this audit, I'm critically assessing my own site for the first time in years.

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This video is jam-packed with insights and advice from my own experience as an SEO consultant. You’ll learn the importance of regular audits, the consequences of neglecting older content, and get a behind-the-scenes look at how I handle SEO for my own website.

Whether you're an SEO professional or just starting out in digital marketing, you're sure to take away some valuable lessons from my SEO audit.

Tune in to find out how I manage the messy, intricate, and exciting world of SEO for SEOSLY! 

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