SEO Cash Flow #1: F**k You, Money. Intro by Olga Zarr & Myriam Jessier.

Ep. 1 of the SEO Cash Flow (#SEOCashFlow) series introduces the concept of "F**k You, Money". If you haven't heard about it or haven't (yet) introduced it to your life, this is the video for you. You are worth way more than they are willing to pay you. We are here to help you understand that and change it! Join our free LinkedIn group: What is SEO Cash Flow? More and more SEO experts are choosing to become freelancers or consultants. Everyone talks about how to level up your skills but nobody talks about $$$. Enter SEO Cash Flow is a new FREE monthly column about how to increase your bottom line. We, Myriam Jessier from Pragm and me, Olga Zarr from SEOSLY are teaming up. We’re going to be talking money in SEO, and discussing insights and strategies to help you maximize your earnings. Need help pricing your services? Want to accurately gauge the value of your work? SEO Cash Flow aims to empower professionals like you to confidently negotiate their worth. This column is for you if you are a freelancer, agency owner, or in-house SEO specialist. So what next? ➡️ Subscribe to SEOSLY on YouTube to stay up to date with the project as our SEO Cash Flow videos will be published there. ➡️ Join us in a newly built SEO Cash Flow LinkedIn group. It will be a great place to stay up-to-date and ask questions.