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F**k You, Money. Intro by Olga Zarr & Myriam Jessier. [SEO Cash Flow #1]

In this video, Myriam Jessier and Olga Zarr from SEOSLY discuss pricing your services as an SEO consultant or freelancer. They cover a range of topics, including the "asshole tax" and comparing the value of your services to the cost of a luxury item like a Louis Vuitton bag. They provide valuable insights and practical tips to help you confidently set your prices and negotiate your worth in the SEO industry. Don't miss out on this informative and engaging discussion!

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As more SEO professionals opt for freelance or consulting work, there's a growing need to discuss the financial aspect of the industry. To bridge this gap, Pragm's Myriam Jessier and SEOSLY's Olga Zarr have teamed up to create SEO Cash Flow, a project aimed at providing insights and strategies to help maximize earnings. With a focus on empowering professionals to negotiate their worth, this project offers valuable resources such as YouTube videos and a LinkedIn group to keep up-to-date and ask questions. Stay tuned for more episodes and information to come!

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