#57: SEO Off the Record: SEO Obsession, Black Hat SEO, Python & More

This episode of the SEO Podcast by #SEOSLY is an exclusive interview where SEO consultant Olga Zarr of SEOSLY sits down with rising SEO star Ewelina Westcott to discuss their journeys and insights into mastering SEO.

  • Olga and Ewelina deliver an insightful SEO discussion, transparency about setbacks, and advice to inspire SEOs at any stage of their journey.
  • They discuss starting out in affiliate marketing and transitioning into technical SEO roles and agency work. Ewelina shares how a series of redundancies unexpectedly advanced her SEO career.
  • Olga talks about taking a hands-on SEO training course where she learned on-page optimization techniques that delivered results. She also implemented successful local SEO strategies for a client.
  • They explore the power of data analysis for SEO, with Ewelina detailing her training in Excel, Google Data Studio, and Power BI. She explains how to clean data and visualize/report on it to drive business decisions.
  • Ewelina highlights how learning Python allows automating many SEO tasks like generating targeted keyword lists. She provides examples of scripts that can save time with internal linking and more.
  • Sharing their SEO obsessions, Olga and Ewelina reveal their curiosity for constant learning. They try new training courses and techniques constantly to expand their expertise.
  • As busy but avid runners, they also discuss sports and how important work-life balance is for productivity. Ewelina previews her plans to launch an SEO consultancy focused on tailored, hands-on services.
  • Other topics include their favorite SEO tools, striking a work-life balance through sports like running and triathlon, and plans for Ewelina to launch her own consultancy focused on bespoke SEO services.
  • They also touch on black hat techniques, working at agencies, and key learnings like how to prioritize impactful SEO actions over trying countless tactics.
  • Overall, their genuine discussion provides an insider’s view into thriving as an SEO consultant. Their stories and advice offer inspiration for anyone interested in forging their own SEO career and mastery.
  • The SEO Podcast by #SEOSLY is sponsored by JetOctopus

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