We Are Not Humble SEO Consultants (and Neither Should You Be) [SEO Cash Flow #8]

In this episode of the SEO Podcast by #SEOSLY, Myriam goes on an impassioned rant about the frustrating double standards that female and minority SEO consultants face regarding humility and confidence.

She vents her irritation over a recent tweet that praised her co-hosts Olga and Jess as "really humble" SEO experts while dismissively labeling her as "no comment." Myriam argues passionately that humility does not help women and marginalized groups progress in their careers or get results for their clients.

In the video, Myriam shares examples from her own career where she was told to smile more, use more swear words with clients, and wait for payments - all microaggressions that tried to make her conform to outdated gender stereotypes.

Myriam explains her refusal to be an 'easy victim' and details how she handles patronizing comments by channeling them into motivation to succeed on her own terms. She urges other female and minority SEO consultants to ignore advice to be more humble and modest, stand up for themselves, and never back down when challenged.

Olga shares her perspective on dealing with negative comments, explaining that she often ignores them and doesn't dwell on them. However, Olga agrees with Myriam's overall message about not accepting patronization.

This candid rant from Myriam sheds light on the struggles many women face in SEO, while also offering advice on overcoming negativity. Olga adds her thoughts on the best way to respond to unfair criticism.

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