3 Top Red Flags to Watch Out for in SEO Agencies or SEO Consultants #58

In this episode of the #SEOSLY SEO Podcast, I want to take a deeper look at potential red flags in your SEO agency or SEO consultant. 

Read the full article with top SEO red flags to watch out for when looking for an SEO agency. 

As an experienced SEO, I want to help you avoid getting ripped off when hiring an agency. Watch for these red flags:

  • Insist on knowing exactly who will handle your account. Beware of outsourcing without transparency.
  • No guarantees of #1 rankings - legitimate SEOs know results can't be guaranteed.
  • You should be able to reach your SEO quickly when needed - lack of communication is a common complaint.
  • Demand detailed reporting on tasks completed, not vague monthly updates.
  • Focus should be on leads and sales, not vanity metrics like positions or bounce rate.
  • Avoid any black hat techniques or shifty methods. Transparency about tactics is essential.

With my insider advice, you can recognize signs of an SEO scam, find an ethical, responsive SEO partner, invest your marketing budget wisely, avoid pitfalls for long-term success. Don't get ripped off! Let my experience help you make smart SEO hiring decisions.

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