Barry Adams Reveals Secrets of SEO for News Sites (Top Secret) #60

This episode of the SEO Podcast by #SEOSLY is my fascinating interview with Barry Adams, an SEO expert who specializes in working with news publishers.

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Olga Zarr interviewed Barry Adams, an SEO expert specializing in news websites, for her SEO podcast. Barry has over 20 years of experience in SEO and started optimizing websites back in 1998 before SEO was even a known term.

Barry spoke about the unique challenges of doing SEO for news websites, including the need to optimize articles before publishing since Google indexes news content very quickly. He explained how news SEO relies on workflow optimization rather than post-publishing tweaks.

The discussion covered technical considerations like fast load times, no reliance on client-side JavaScript, and proper use of news sitemaps. Barry also gave tips on optimizing headlines, tagging content, and structuring sites to demonstrate topical authority.

When asked about his typical work, Barry said he does a lot of site audits and training. He emphasized the ongoing importance of technical SEO, despite the popularity of content marketing. The interview finished with Barry's thoughts on AI-written news content and where listeners can find him online.

Key highlights from this episode of the SEO podcast

  • Why SEO for news is totally different than "regular" SEO - you only get one shot at rankings
  • How Google evaluates news sites for authority and quality
  • The impact of algorithms like Core Updates on news publishers
  • Technical requirements to get into Google News
  • Why AMP was problematic for many publishers
  • How ChatGPT might be used in newsrooms

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