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Ex-Googler Kaspar Szymanski Shares His Unique SEO Insights #61

In this jam-packed episode of the SEOSLY SEO Podcast as I sit down with former Google search spam analyst Kaspar Szymanski! Having worked inside the engine, Kaspar shares invaluable insights into ranking factors and penalties from his time at the Big G.

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In this info-rich discussion, I pick Kaspar's brain on everything from leveraging server logs to improving snippet CTRs and the unique value prop's impact on rankings. He drops serious knowledge bombs about reconsideration requests, link selling by top publishers, and the prevalence of different manual actions.

Through my questions, Kaspar reveals:

  • How manual spam reviews depend on investigators' "spidey sense"
  • The most common penalties he saw (doorways, low-quality content, bought links) 
  • Why penalties can spur long-term growth by forcing issues to be fixed
  • How to optimize reconsideration requests to get penalties lifted
  • The limited ranking impact of link selling by major outlets
  • Tactics he uses to improve snippets and capture more traffic

With rare perspective into Google's inner workings, this is a podcast episode no serious SEO can afford to miss. You'll geek out over Kaspar's insider knowledge on algorithms and ranking factors. Be sure to watch the full SEOSLY interview on my YouTube channel to get all the insights!

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