Moz's Top SEO - Cyrus Shepard - Spills His Best SEO Tips and Experiments #62

In this interview, I spoke with SEO expert Cyrus Shepard about his career and insights into search engine optimization today. Cyrus shared how he accidentally fell into SEO while trying to market his own websites in the early days. He started by doing SEO for his wife's company, then got a job in customer support at SEO Moz, working his way up to become their lead SEO.

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Cyrus discussed some of the key experiments he conducted at Moz over the years around ranking factors, title tags, and internal linking. He provided tips on how to start with simple SEO experiments yourself without getting overwhelmed.

We also talked about his recent experience becoming a Google Quality Rater. Cyrus explained how this inside look changed his perspective on rankings, especially around page quality and meeting searcher intent. He offered advice on ways SEOs can evaluate and improve page quality.

Some highlights from Cyrus on ranking factors include focusing on technical SEO first, monitoring user engagement metrics, and not underestimating the impact of links. He emphasized producing original experiments and content, sharing that the SEO community is hungry for more case studies and thoughtful posts.

Cyrus generously provided so much helpful insight into SEO today. I'm grateful he took the time to share his wisdom and stories from his prolific career. Let me know in the comments what you found most interesting!

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