Stel My Free Google Looker Studio SEO Template...😱

In this podcast episode, I provide a walkthrough of my free Google Looker Studio SEO template that I created to give back to the SEO community.

Over the past few years since launching my blog, YouTube channel, and podcast, the SEO community has been incredibly helpful and supportive, so this is my way of saying thanks!

My template connects data from Google Analytics 4, Google Search Console, and SE Ranking's rank tracker. It includes tabs for analyzing content performance, events, conversions, search analytics, keywords, and rankings. I demonstrate the template using sample data from my test website, where all the content is AI-generated.

This is a really powerful free tool to help you analyze your own or your clients' SEO data. To get the template, simply subscribe to my weekly SEO newsletter by going to my website. Anyone subscribed by October 1, 2023 will receive it right away, and anyone who subscribes after that date will get it instantly in their confirmation email.

I've included instructions for customizing the template for your own data sources. I also welcome your feedback on the template to help me improve it. Follow the video link in the description to watch my demo and gain access to this comprehensive SEO template for Google Looker Studio!