Inside Kristina Azarenko's Full-Time Online SEO Course Business #63

Join me for an insightful interview with Kristina Azarenko, an experienced SEO expert who shares her journey into the world of SEO.

In this interview, I talk with Christina about how she accidentally stumbled upon an SEO course back in 2011 which sparked her fascination with the field. She recounts her various SEO roles over the years, from working at agencies to running her own business.

Christina provides a behind-the-scenes look at launching online courses, building a following on social media, and creating helpful tools like her SEO browser extension. She also shares tips on e-commerce SEO, website migrations, and working effectively with developers.

Some highlights include:

  • How a $75 income month during the pandemic led Christina to double down on course creation
  • Christina's advice for anyone starting out in SEO - learn as much as possible before specializing
  • The importance of communication and collaboration during website migrations
  • How to structure and market online courses successfully

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