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Open Your SEO Mind & Start Doing The Real S**T (With Lee Witcher)

In this episode of my podcast, I interviewed renowned SEO expert Lee Witcher. Lee has over 15 years of experience in SEO testing and optimization. We had an enlightening discussion about his journey into SEO, from starting out trying different courses and software to finally realizing in 2018 that he needed to take his marketing and analytics background and apply it to SEO testing.

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Lee shared the "aha moment" that completely changed his SEO approach - realizing the need to test factors against each other to determine the strongest ones, not just test them against a control. From there, he started connecting with other testers, appearing on SEO Fight Club, and eventually becoming a co-host.

Some of the topics Lee and I covered include:

✅ His thorough testing process and learnings around stop words, content length, and keyword density

✅ How factor diversity is critical to maintain rankings through Google updates

✅ Misconceptions around LSI keywords and how they actually can improve rankings

✅ His view that AI will replace most knowledge worker jobs in the next 3 years

✅ Tips for newbies on conducting valid SEO tests It was fascinating to learn from someone with so much hands-on SEO testing experience. Whether you're a longtime SEO or just starting out, I highly recommend watching the full interview to hear Lee's insightful perspectives.

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