The Ugly Truth About SEO Overwork (and How to Fix It) with Myriam Jessier

Burnout was slowly destroying me. As an ambitious SEO, I worked nonstop trying to get ahead - but I was exhausted all the time. My health and relationships started to crumble under the relentless pressure to do more. I knew something had to change before I hit total rock bottom.

That’s why in this video, I have a real talk about maintaining balance as an SEO with my friend Myriam Jessier. After both struggling with public breakdowns from pushing ourselves to unhealthy extremes, we realized the importance of boundaries and self-care in this results-driven industry.

I get vulnerable about the mental fog, declining energy levels, and constant stress that made me less productive in the long run. Myriam shares her own wake-up call after multiple “ugly cry” moments brought on by SEO overload. Together, we are on the journey toward sustainable work habits that honor our minds and bodies.

I discuss the small tweaks that have slowly empowered me to find more joy and balance. Like blocking off work-free evenings/weekends and getting serious about exercising. Myriam stresses being intentional when clocking out and listening when your mind/body says “enough!” We know there is no shame in prioritizing wellness over hustling constantly.

If you struggle with burnout as an SEO, don’t suffer in silence. Join me and Myriam for an honest dose of inspiration, understanding, and practical tips you need to create lasting positive change. It IS possible to thrive in SEO without losing yourself!

Here is the video version of this podcast: